Fight Cavities With Your Family

It’s important to have a healthy mouth. You entered the world without any teeth, but it’s safe to say you want to keep your teeth for a long time, hopefully, a lifetime. And you want the same thing for your entire family. To make sure your family’s oral health is good and your teeth remain intact, you need to find dental services for family dentistry. Honolulu residents should talk to Dr. Stephanie Wong, who is a Honolulu, HI dentist. Dr. Wong leads a top dental team and provides preventative services for families. Family Dentistry

Leading Family dentistry Services at Dr. Wong’s Honolulu Office

Typically, general and family dentistry goes hand-in-hand. For family and general dentists, the main goal is to help patients combat tooth decay and gum disease. To do that, dentists pay close attention to the removal of plaque bacteria and tartar that can accumulate on the teeth and near the gumline.
Proper removal requires proper cleaning, which is why your dentist will recommend you get a checkup twice a year for X-rays, dental cleaning and exam. If you already have dental issues, three to four month checkups should keep your teeth in check. 
Dr. Wong has many dental services that will benefit your family. From toddlers to older adults, some common dental services include CEREC same day crowns, bonding, dentures, Invisalign, periodontal gum disease therapy, BIOLASE laser treatment, cosmetic whitening and professional teeth cleanings.
Kids, teenagers and young adults will need to keep an eye out for cavities and malocclusion.
Periodontal disease has become a major thorn in the sides of many adult patients.

The Importance of At-home care for your entire family

When the family isn’t getting dental care at a family dentistry practice, at-home preventative care is a must. Dental tools you need to have in your house include floss, mouthwash and an electric toothbrush.
If you have a dental emergency, call (808) 732-3072 to see Dr. Wong and her team. If you want to schedule a dental appointment for you or a family member, you can call or request an appointment via our website. Your family health-care professional can offer dental pointers that are customized to match your or a love one’s dental needs.

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