Before I met Dr Wong, I was extremely afraid of dentists!  Dr Wong made me feel at home, and assured me that she would stop at anytime if I was uncomfortable.  She does her shots the old fashion way, yet I didn't feel a thing! But to be frank, I've been to a practice that had that "SO-CALLED PAIN FREE WAND", the shot part was okay, but the dentist was rough, bossy, and the staff was rude!  I had a bunch of fillings done at Dr. Wong's, and they look and feel great!  She told me she's been practicing for over 20 years, but I swear she doesn't look like it!  She looks super young!  I told all my family and friends about her, and in fact a lot of them have changed their dentist to go to her.  Trust me when I say, SHE'S THE BOMB!!!!

OMG!  Their hygienist Ann is super nice!  She was VERY thorough.  She explained things to me that my other dentist didn't even tell me I had going on in my mouth!  She showed me with a mirror what I needed to work harder on, and recommended stuff that I didn't even knew existed.  Not only did my mouth feel and look super clean when she was done, she was so gentle that I fell asleep during the appointment.  All I can say is go to Dr. Wong's office so you can have the chance to get your teeth feeling squeaky clean!

The receptionist Cheri was very helpful with everything!  She explained to me what kind of dental insurance I had, which my other dentist didn't.  I had no idea that the type of insurance I have is junk.  I was informed prior to my appointments an estimate on how much my fillings were going to cost.  Kinda expensive, but I don't mind spending a little extra for good quality work, done by a doctor and staff who treated me so well!  At my next appointments, it was as if Cheri already knew what days worked for me and which days didn't.  Like she read my mind or something?  LOL!  Or maybe she just has a good memory?  Everyone is always smiling there!  Their office is located in a local shopping mall, so when I'm in the area I usually stop by to just say "HI"!  They have a flat screen tv and a coffee station in their waiting room.  I've been known to grab a cup or two even if I don't have an appointment with doc.  =)  Dany their dental assistant is SUPER cute and bubbly!  She's always smiling and laughing!  She definitely makes you feel comfortable when your getting your teeth drilled by the doc!  Mind you, I didn't feel a thing!  There's this girl that works there named élan.  I think she's the office manager?  But I think she does everything there?  I've seen her assist the doctor, and work in the front desk as well.  She's so nice, and she makes you feel like you're part of her family!  No really, you swear you've known her all your life!  The only advice I have about this place is, GO TO DR. WONG'S!  You'll love them!!!  I do!-Ella from Honolulu

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